Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Peanut Post

I have a post coming about our Dodge Journey adventures last weekend, and another about the NEW ASSIGNMENT we just got, but my little furry friend just walked across the room and inspired me to write about him. Here's a list of things that I hope I never forget about this dog:

- At night, he gets grumpy and just wants to go to bed. Sometimes, if he decides we are staying up too late, he puts himself to bed.

- After a long day of napping inside, his favorite thing to do is go onto the back porch and lay in the sun. After a good dose of vitamin D, he comes back in.

- His favorite favorite thing, of all time, ever, is string cheese. The dog will arise from a dead sleep if he hears the cheese drawer in the refrigerator open.

- When I put on sweatpants, he likes to prance around in the legs before I put them on.

- He always wants to cuddle with the last person to sit down.

- He is happiest when all three of us are at home sitting as close together as possible.

- He likes to sleep under the covers, but just in between the two quilts, not under the sheet.

- He catches flies in midair. Often.

- The tazer is the worst thing to ever happen to him. (The sound, I don't actually let anyone taze my dog)

- He has a freckle on his left ear.

- Because the sewing room gets the most sun in the house, sometimes I find him hiding in there.

- Aside from me and Art, his favorite person is Gloria, our cleaning lady. She calls him "Peanuts," and sometimes we do too.

That is all. More about the Journey and OUR journey... later. :)