Our Photos

Ever seen a great photo online, saved it to your computer, then tried to print it and had it come out pixilated and ruined? Thanks to my years as a "processing specialist," I know this is because the file is too small. Thankfully, Shutterfly allows you to upload pictures at full resolution and print them perfectly. Feel free to print any of the pictures we upload to our photo site:

As I'm sure you will hear me brag about often on the blog, Art and I recently because Aunt and Uncle to Lily Marie, the daughter of Art's sister, Emily, and her husband, Kirby. I got the idea for this from their site. I love being able to print photos of my niece without having to bother them. Apparently having a newborn keeps you a little busy!

Since I have no cute baby pictures to post, it's mostly photos of our wedding and our life here in Del Rio. Enjoy!