Monday, June 11, 2012

Floors ah here, yeah!

(Did you say that like you were on Jersey Shore? I hope you did.)

When our floors arrived from Lowe's, we were expecting a team of people to unload the three extended pallets of flooring and one pallet of underlayment.

Nope. Just one lonely dude plus a forklift. He dropped off the enormous amount of beautiful floors, had us sign, and then peaced the eff out.

So, husband, patriarch, head of the family, what should we do next?

Start hoofing, he says.

One box at a time, while the painters were busy giving us the world's perfect wall color, we hauled all that laminate into the living room. I got burned out after one pallet, so Art continued with the laminate while I switched to the underlayment. I decided to race Art, because everyone knows the strongest of marriages are built on competition. I had a pretty nice grid going on inside, until I walked in and spotted this curious gap:

How odd. Not thinking anything of it, I was pretty pumped that I only had six more bundles to go. Outside, pick up a bundle, inside, rinse and repeat. A shameful four trips later, I noticed that I still had six more bundles, the painters were dying laughing, and Art was running with his last two boxes of laminate.

I obviously lost on purpose to pump up Art's ego.

One hour later....

122 boxes of laminate in their new home, acclimating to the temperature of our house. Metaphorically and literally crushing the soiled carpet underneath.


Battle scars from the intense laminate hauling.

I'm holding off on posting photos of the aftermath of our install because we are still waiting on some trim molding to be installed. Plus, we recently added a new furry friend to our family (more about him later, too!), and I am still gawking at how quickly he dirtied up the floors in 24 hours. Currently stalking some new solutions for that, because you know keeping a spotless house has always been my number one priority.


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