Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let there be... greige!

Some exciting news in the life of the Bulls: We got a NEW CAMERA!! This is a real camera now, not the rinky dink one on the iPhone. For your vision's sake, I'll actually be taking photos with proper white balance and exposure and light and all that other stuff.

I mean, not right now, but when I figure out how to use it. Until I can repost about the paint color that I love so dearly, I'll just talk about it.

It brings light to my life.

It is the world's perfect color.

It made me tear up (not kidding).

Ready for some before and after action?

So, it's not a perfect before/after shot. That will have to wait until after the whole shebang (including the floor!) is over. But what do ya think? I'm in lurve.

Here's an up close shot so you can see the difference between the old, builder beige ugliness that was there and our inspired new color:

It makes me want to sing.

The paint is Kelly Moore, but the color is matched to Glidden's Wood Smoke. It is the perfect gray. Not too blue so that it looks like newsprint, but blue enough that it makes the trim pop. It matches our granite perfectly and makes the whole house feel cozier and more... Bull. We love it!

Wait, did I already say that?

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Momma said...

I'm wondering... if I wasn't your Momma, would I love your blogs and pictures as much as I do? Yes. Yes I would... they are fantastic and the pictures are wonderful for being taken with an iPhone! I can't wait to come visit and see all of this for myself! I love you, Baby Girl! You and Art are doing a great job!