Monday, June 4, 2012

The Many Faces of a Chiweenie

For our second anniversary, we got a new camera. A Nikon D3100 to be exact, at the recommendation of my photographer cousin and MOH, Julie. I'm still "addicted to auto" as they say, and I just have the standard lens for now, but I'm pretty pumped about the photos I've been taking. Now that I'm back from Wedding Deployment 2012, I'm also pumped to get back to blogging. And YOU should be pumped to be rid of my junky iPhone photos!

Naturally, my favorite photography subject has been the dog. Wouldja just look at it. (name that YouTube!)

Pensive Peanut.

Wise Peanut.

Frightened Peanut.

Grumpy Peanut.

Sleepy Peanut.

Vogue Peanut.

Obsequious Peanut.

(I have a confession. I just wanted to use obsequious in a sentence. He's more Erudite Peanut in this one.)

(Yep. Did it again.)

I've got a lot of crafty posts planned for this week, plus a tour of the house in progress, and maybe a canine photo here and there, so stay tuned!


the mrs. said...

YAYEEE for crafty posts!!!

Momma said...

You make me laugh... I loved this. I know I say that for everything you do... But I really do love this!