Our Favorite Stuff

Want to be like us? Here's how we spend our free time (that's a joke) online:

Art's Favorites:
  •  www.cleansnipe.com - This is a compilation of deal-a-day sites from Back Country. Art goes here to get some great deals on any kind of outdoor gear--cycling, skiing, wakeboarding, etc. 
  • www.stansberryresearch.com - Financial newsletters for the figurin' type. So that he can earn the money to let me buy all the things from my favorite sites below, of course!
  • www.fwallstreet.com - Joe Ponzio's financial blog. The man's diverse, what can I say.
  • www.crossfit.com - We had two CrossFit gyms near our last base, but now that we're in California the closest one is a little far out. This site helps Art keep up with the workouts if he can't make it to an actual gym. I do them, too, on rare (extremely rare) occasions.

Amy's Favorites:
  • www.thepioneerwoman.com - Without a doubt, my favorite food blog. Ok, so I don't work my fingers to the bone on a cattle ranch AND chase around 4 kids, so I can't possibly eat like this woman, but when I feel like indulging or making something really special, this is where I go.
  • www.etsy.com - I buy EVERYTHING here. Any time I want something with a little extra personality that I can't actually make myself, I go to this site. I'm actually being featured in an online magazine because I bought so many items for our wedding here. And, recently I spent half our tax return on sewing patterns for baby clothes for Lily. (OK, not half our tax return, but I could have!)
  • www.joann.com and www.fabric.com -  I'm a pretty good quilter and a verrrry beginner seamstress. But I have really never gotten the sense of peace sewing gives me from any other hobby. Also, I have never really gotten the sense of frustration sewing gives me from any other hobby. These sites make it all ok.
  • www.tastykitchen.com - I swear, Pioneer Woman is not paying my salary. I just love her. This is a recipe site she runs where users can post their favorite recipes. I love it because it's searchable, and unlike any other recipe site I've found, it lets you enter in the number of servings you're making and then does the math for you. It's great for our little family of two!
  • www.amazon.com - I'll say it. If I had to choose between reading my Kindle or eating, I would pick the Kindle. I buy books by the truckload, and carry them all with me wherever I go. I'm on this site all the time.
  • www.military.com - This is a resource all military families should have. I especially like the forum part, so I can pepper other mil wives with questions that have no answer... such as... Where will we go next? What's the likelihood of a deployment? What do all the acronyms mean? How do I play crud? If I have a glass of wine with my dog, is that considered drinking alone? (That last one I usually just ask my mother, since she's the only one who will have the answer I want.)